• Energy Security in Ohio Under Attack

    Post was originally published in The Columbus Dispatch. [Last week], Senator Balderson put Ohio’s energy security at risk by introducing SB 310, a bill that would impose a freeze at the end of 2014 on the state’s clean energy standards – the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (EERS). While we’ve seen… Read more »

  • Jon Gensler’s Testimony: Bicameral Task Force on Climate Change

    Last week, I traveled to Washington, D.C. to meet with representatives of the Bicameral Task Force on Climate Change. I shared with them my story and discussed why climate change is a critical threat to our national security – which concerns all Americans – and why we must take aggressive action to address this threat.

  • Media Roundup: Veterans in Solar Report

    On February 26th, Operation Free and The Solar Foundation released a joint report, Veterans in Solar: Securing America’s Energy Future, which focused on veterans in the solar industry. Listed below are the featured news stories on the report:

  • Veterans in Solar: Q&A with Nat Kreamer, CEO, Clean Power Finance

    This article is a Q&A between Jaclyn Houser, Advocacy Director of Operation Free, and Nat Kreamer, CEO of Clean Power Finance and former Intelligence Officer, Special Forces, United States Navy, on why veterans make ideal candidates for careers in the solar industry.

  • The Most Impressive Comeback Story You Haven’t Heard (Guest Post)

    By Ross Chanin & Emilee Pierce If you read the tech press, you know the scoop: Google just bought Nest Labs (the maker of smart thermostats and smoke detectors) for $3.2 billion. For context, that’s more than three times the amount that Facebook paid for Instagram in last year’s blockbuster deal and Google’s second largest… Read more »

  • Pearl Harbor, Petroleum, and the Pacific Pivot

    62 years ago last week, in 1941, the Imperial Empire of Japan launched one of the most deadly strikes in U.S. history.  By the end of the day, the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Fleet was nearly crippled—and 2,335 American servicemembers were dead. Yet, while the impact of the attack on Pearl Harbor still ripples through our… Read more »

  • Renewable sources of power are key to Ohio’s energy security

    For months, we have seen a fight play out in the Statehouse over Ohio’s energy future and the fate of Substitute Senate Bill 58 – which would weaken Ohio’s ability to pursue clean, homegrown, renewable energy sources like wind and solar. Just recently, we saw changes made to the bill. While there are some who claim these adjustments were… Read more »

  • Carrying the Flag Forward To a Clean Energy Future

    Kevin Johnson is being honored as a Veteran Advancing Clean Energy and Climate Security Champion of Change. It is a tremendous honor to be recognized as a White House Champion of Change and I am humbled by the opportunity to share my experiences as an Iraq War Veteran now working to combat our nation’s dependence on fossil… Read more »

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