• Operation Free Visits North Carolina to Talk Energy and National Security

    On Thursday, May 18, 2017, Operation Free held an Energy Security briefing in Raleigh, North Carolina, for state legislators and staff, including policy advisors from the North Carolina Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (NCDMV) and the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ). Operation Free has found that these in-person briefings are extremely valuable… Read more »

  • People’s Climate March shows Trump the Paris Agreement isn’t up for debate

    This Thursday, the White House held a long-anticipated Cabinet meeting that was set to determine the administration’s position on whether or not to stay in the Paris Agreement on climate change. The meeting was purported to be a reality TV showdown between Steve Bannon’s camp of hyper-nationalists, opposed to most forms of international engagement, and… Read more »

  • Trump’s Plan for Clean Energy Will Damage Economy, National Security

    President Donald Trump recently issued an executive order to start the process of reviewing and, ultimately, attempting to disassemble the Clean Power Plan and its supposedly job-killing mandates. Although he did not undo the full scope of President Barack Obama’s signature domestic environmental achievement in the stroke of a pen (given that the Paris Climate… Read more »

  • Operation Free Celebrates Earth Day 2017

    Counterculture and anti-war sentiment in the late 1960s drew attention to the environmental issues in public discourse. And although climate change was not a hot button topic until recently, the cultural and political norms of the 1970s gave rise to the celebration of Earth Day on April 22, 1970, for the very first time. The… Read more »

  • Truman President and CEO Michael Breen visits Carson City, NV

    Nevada State Legislative Building in Carson City, Nevada In March, Operation Free traveled to Carson City, Nevada, to host events and meet with legislators interested in pursuing clean energy solutions for their state. Due to  Nevada’s unique relationship with veterans and abundance of natural resources, it was the ideal place to engage veterans, elected officials,… Read more »

  • Solar Ready Vets Continues To Make Great Progress In 2017

    The solar energy job sector has experienced immense growth over the past few years. In fact, according to The Solar Foundation’s National Solar Job Census 2016, the solar industry has increased by 51,000 workers in 2016 alone. In order to fill the high demand for jobs within this growing industry, the Solar Ready Vets program… Read more »

  • The Need for Innovative and Resilient Infrastructure

    One of Trump’s campaign promises was to institute a plan in his first 100 days to rebuild the country’s infrastructure. The on-going crisis with the Oroville Dam this week underscores the precarious state of our country’s infrastructure and the urgent need for solutions. However, rolling out a plan in 100 days is proving to be… Read more »

  • Trust in Science is the Key to our Future National Security

    In the days of fake news and alternative facts, we are in an Information War. Never has faith in science, knowledge, and reason been as important as it is today. Climate change is real, and it is our greatest global challenge. To deny the proof is akin to questioning the correlation between smoking cigarettes and… Read more »

  • Nationwide “Age of Consequences” Screenings Underway

      Truman National Security Project chapters nationwide have begun screening the Age of Consequences, a documentary made to raise awareness about the national security implications of climate change in the coming century. On January 25th, the Truman communities in Boston and San Diego came together to see this important film, and the screenings will continue over… Read more »

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