• Post-Election 2016: Next steps for Operation Free

    In light of the recent election, we are looking to the future and evaluating how Operation Free will move forward. It is clear that the voices of our community are now more important than ever. The next four years will challenge the progress we have already achieved and threaten our ability to continue advancing clean… Read more »

  • YOU DECIDE: Which Energy Position Is Better For Our National Security?

    By Dan Misch Our future national security depends on America’s ability to diversify its energy economy, reduce our dependence on oil, and minimize the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. By developing new technologies, fuels, and renewable sources of power, we can better protect our troops while they carry out the mission abroad and… Read more »

  • 28th Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol

    Earlier this month, parties to the 1987 Montreal Protocol met in Kigali, Rwanda to discuss and negotiate an historic amendment, heralded as a “monumental step forward” in the fight against climate change by Secretary of State John Kerry. Over 150 countries were able to reach a deal to dramatically reduce the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)… Read more »

  • Missing Topics in Debate — Climate and Energy

    By Shawn VanDiver We hear a lot of talk about threats in the presidential debates, be they from the looming menace of ISIS or new challenges like Russia’s attempts to delegitimize our coming elections. But throughout three long conversations on the fate of our nation for the next four years, there was one entire category… Read more »

  • Operation Free Marks #EnergyActionMonth 2016

    In a September 30 proclamation, President Barack Obama declared October to be “National Energy Action Month,” calling for renewed efforts towards energy conservation at both the individual and federal levels. In 2015, the rededication of Energy Awareness Month–initiated by the first Bush administration in 1991– saw government-wide initiatives to curb energy usage with the hope… Read more »

  • Sit-down with Tenley Dalstrom, Program Director for Solar Ready Vets

    September 26, 2017 Tenley Dalstrom, Program Director for Solar Ready Vets, sat down with Solar Speaks Live at Solar Power International in Las Vegas this month. Watch the video below and learn more about how the Solar Ready Vets program equips transitioning military members with critical skills for success in renewable energy.

  • This Week: Presidential Memorandum – Climate Change and National Security

    September 23, 2016 On Wednesday, President Obama signed a Presidential Memorandum requiring all federal agencies to factor the impacts of climate change into the development and implementation of all national security policies. The President’s memorandum was released together with a report by the National Intelligence Council citing the significant impacts we are already facing due… Read more »

  • OpFree comments on EPA and NHTSA Draft Technical Assessment Report

    September 23, 2016 In July 2016, EPA and NHTSA released the Draft Technical Assessment Report (TAR) on light-duty vehicle greenhouse gas emission and fuel economy standards for public comment. The report highlights increases in innovations on the part of automakers, the effectiveness of more efficient gasoline-powered cars, and the preservation of consumer choice—all while reducing… Read more »

  • ATTN: Solar Ready Vets Job Opportunities

    Operation Free is proud to share two exciting job opportunities available with our partner program, Solar Ready Vets. For further information on The Solar Foundation, please visit www.TheSolarFoundation.org. Solar Ready Vets Program Coordinator The Solar Foundation is seeking a highly motivated, organized, self-directed Program Coordinator to support the National Solar Ready Vets Program which connects… Read more »

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