Letter to CA Senator Newman: Thank you for fighting climate change

August 21, 2017

Senator Josh Newman
California Senate District 29


Sen. Newman,

Thank you for your recent vote on AB 398 and AB 617, saying “yes” to strengthen California’s climate change and clean air policies. As a fellow former officer in the U.S. military, you know that climate change is making the world a more dangerous place, and as a “threat multiplier”, stretches our military thin, creating new conflict zones and exacerbating devastating conditions in existing ones. We appreciate you putting this knowledge to work in your role as Senator.

As a veteran in public service, you have personally served as a mentor to me. Veterans across Southern California appreciate your dedication to public service and your continued focus on creating career opportunities for those who have returned from service. Here in Orange County and LA county, the clean energy sector is booming, creating job opportunities and helping the local economy. Your “yes” vote ensures that our region continues to support the clean energy sector that employees so many veterans.

On behalf of veterans in Southern California, thank you for your continued service and unwavering commitment to one of the most important issues of our time.


Andrea Marr
Former LT, US Navy
Costa Mesa, CA

Andrea is a renewable energy engineer, clean energy advocate with Operation Free, and candidate for Costa Mesa City Council. Views expressed are her own. 

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