The Issue

From fighter jets to Humvees to generators, nearly everything in the military runs on oil. The military needs it to fuel its missions and keep America safe.  But that oil dependence poses a life-threatening risk to troops who procure and transport the commodity. In California – home to the 12th largest economy in the world – commuters and businesses depend on fossil fuels too.  We face economic threats every time gas prices spike at the pump.

To address these concerns, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed an important clean fuels bill into law in 2007.  Also known as the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), this legislation was a historical effort to reduce the carbon intensity of oil and other transportation fuels.  Since its implementation, LCFS has spawned new investment in new technology and cleaner energy options like electricity, biofuels, hydrogen and natural gas.

Despite the success of the Clean Fuels initiative, the policy is under attack by oil companies who are attempting to derail or slow implementation.

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Our Mission

Operation Free is working to make sure California leads the way on clean fuels and clean energy.  By investing in and developing alternatives to dirty fossil fuels, we can enhance the military’s mission capability, protect our national security and keep California’s economy strong.

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Get Involved

Operation Free is spreading the word in California that clean fuels are critical to our national and economic security.  And our veterans are working with local, state and military leaders to make sure California charts the course for the rest of the country to follow.  Sign up and join the fight today.

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