The Issue

  • Nevada is one of the sunniest states in the country, with the potential to be a prominent leader in the clean energy economy and declare independence from fossil fuels. According to the recent Solar Energy Industries Association “Top 10 Solar States” report, the Silver State is No. 1 in the country for solar capacity per capita. In recent months, Nevada’s progress in clean energy has been dramatically reduced by policies that eliminate its citizens’ opportunities to produce clean energy affordably

The Mission

  • Operation Free is dedicated to protecting clean energy in Nevada. In July 2016, Operation Free joined the Bring Back Solar Alliance to fight for the right of Nevadans to choose clean energy. The Bring Back Solar Alliance is composed of local and national businesses, non-profits, and citizens that share the common goal of restoring Nevada’s rightful place as a leader in the clean energy economy.
  • Operation Free argues that expanding clean energy in our states will benefit our national security and combat the instability caused by climate change. Additionally, clean energy sources like solar provide opportunities for men and women in uniform when they return home, as evidenced by the fact that one in ten solar workers is a veteran.