The Issue

  • The U.S. military is waging war against its toughest long-term foe: Oil dependence, which threatens American prosperity, security and lives.
  • Operation Free is proud to be an Executive Producer of The Burden: Fossil Fuel, the Military, and National Security, directed by Roger Sorkin. The film tells a riveting story of oil dependence as the greatest threat to our national security and how the military is leading the fight for clean energy.
  • In only 40 minutes, The Burden also illustrates an exciting tale of innovation. History buffs know that many of our country’s most vital technologies—including the Internet and GPS—emerged out of military need. The film not only reflects the great potential for wind, solar and other alternative energy to improve U.S. military success, but also introduces us to brave servicemen and women who have formed a new American civilian corps of clean tech entrepreneurs.

The Mission

  • Operation Free screens The Burden across the country to educate the American people and policymakers of all levels of government about energy security. For additional information and updates on the film, please visit