Greentech Media: 8 innovations that will electrify 2017

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Leia Guccione, Senior Associate for Rocky Mountain Institute and Truman National Security Project Defense Council Member, was recently featured on Greentech Media outlining the top reasons DERs are changing the grid—and changing it quickly. “We have a lot to look forward to in the electricity sector this year. While many of us take a moment… Read more »

RGJ: Clean energy helps drive economic rebound in Nevada

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Nancy E. Brune, Truman National Security Project Fellow, was featured in the Reno Gazette-Journal applauding Nevada Governor Sandoval’s leadership on clean energy and addressing the need to continue said progress.  Last month, Governor Brian Sandoval delivered his final state of the state address in which he focused on the great economic and clean energy progress Nevada… Read more »

War on the Rocks: Thirteen Developments That Defined 2016

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Ali Wayne, Security Fellow with the Truman National Security Project, has ranked the 13 defining moments of 2016 in a recent article in War on the Rocks. Among them was the monumental development in climate change mitigation, the Paris Agreement. In September 2016, the two biggest contributors to global carbon emissions, United States and China,… Read more »

Las Vegas Sun: Bring solar back to Nevada and help vets, too

Press Release

Steve Seroka, Retired United States Air Force Colonel and Operation Free supporter, was featured in the Las Vegas Sun discussing the importance of clean energy jobs for veterans in Nevada. In the aftermath of the presidential election, much has been said about the need to bridge divides, build a new American economy and get the… Read more »

The Charlotte Observer: NC military bases under attack from climate change

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Rye Barcott, Truman National Security Project Defense Council member and OpFree supporter, contributed to an article about the effects of climate change on NC military bases.  The devastating flooding wreaked by Hurricane Matthew took the lives of at least 25 North Carolinians and caused an estimated $1.5 billion in damage over the past weeks. It… Read more »

Medium: Veterans- Carrying the Flag Forward To a Clean Energy Future

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Operation Free and Jon Powers were featured in an article by fellow Operation Free veteran, Kevin Johnson, about veterans working in clean energy. Like many other Veterans, my decision to continue my service to the country in the clean energy sector was motivated by my deployment to Iraq where I served in the shadow of seemingly… Read more »

Sun-Sentinel: US needs to lead the way in combating climate change

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Operation Free Campaign Manager Sydney Tate was featured in the Sun-Sentinel discussing the importance of the Paris Climate Agreement to U.S. national security. Views expressed are her own.  Four days before American history is made, the world will change the future for generations to come. On November 4, 2016, the UN Paris Agreement will enter into… Read more »

Mic: US veterans build a greener future at home

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Operation Free veteran Andrea Marr and partner organization Solar Ready Vets are featured in an article about veterans working in clean energy.  In 2009, the Truman National Security Project, a nonprofit organization that fosters a community of veterans, recognized a growing influx of veterans into the clean energy sector, launched Operation Free, its first and… Read more »


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