November 18, 2013
Contact:  Victoria Glynn, 978-807-3855

Phoenix, Arizona – In response to last week’s Arizona Corporate Commission (ACC) vote to uphold the state’s net energy metering policy (NEM), in a 3-2 decision, Brett Hunt, veteran and Arizona Director for Operation Free, released the following statement:

“As a veteran and former captain in the United States Army, I applaud the ACC’s decision to protect this vital policy, which is important for securing Arizona’s energy independence and strengthening our national security.  The reasonable solution reached by the ACC will assess a $5-$7 monthly fee to homeowners with solar, preserving the enormous opportunity for local, secure power in Arizona.

Net metering is a widely successful policy that has helped diversify our energy portfolio with clean, homegrown sources of energy and allowed Arizona to become a national leader in solar power.

This policy has also supported Arizona’s military installations with diverse, clean energy options, giving base commanders the resiliency they need to navigate a power failure and ensure that they can continue their mission in a natural or man-made disaster.

With this decision, Arizona will continue to lead the nation towards energy security with local and resilient solar power.”

Operation Free is a nationwide coalition of veterans and national security experts working to secure America with clean energy. Its members in Ohio are working to support the growth of renewables and energy efficiency standards in the state and will be submitting written testimony to the committee tomorrow in favor of the current standards.

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