Welton Chang, Fellow with Truman National Security Project and co-director of Truman’s Philadelphia chapter, discusses the impacts of the United States’ sole decision to pullout of the Paris Agreement.

“The United States is the world’s sole holdout from the Paris Climate Agreement, now that Syria has announced that it will sign on. As representatives from nearly 200 countries gather in Germany for the UN Climate Change Conference, America is giving away the mantle of global leadership it has shouldered since the end of the Second World War.

The 2015 Paris Agreement was a historic step in the fight against climate change. Every nation—big and small, developing and developed—volunteered to do their fair share to cut carbon emissions. The signatories also agreed to reconvene every five years and publicly demonstrate progress via standards raised and emissions slashed.

American leadership made it happen; backing out comes at a steep cost to our credibility. After all, if America so easily tosses aside a hard-won diplomatic victory, then what else is it willing to jettison?”

Read the full article here. Views expressed are his own.