Leia Guccione, Senior Associate for Rocky Mountain Institute and Truman National Security Project Defense Council Member, was recently featured on Greentech Media outlining the top reasons DERs are changing the grid—and changing it quickly.

“We have a lot to look forward to in the electricity sector this year. While many of us take a moment to reflect on the accomplishments of 2016, there are just as many of us who are thinking about the challenges ahead.

For the past five years, Rocky Mountain Institute has been convening and supporting the Electricity Innovation Lab (eLab), a unique network of leaders and change agents from across the electricity industry representing a cross-section of the key stakeholders who are shaping the transformation of our electricity system. With utilities, regulators, distributed energy resource companies, energy consumers, advocates, and academic experts collaborating together, eLab really is a laboratory: a place to test new ideas and to explore new solutions.

We surveyed those eLab members about their most exciting opportunities — and their critical challenges — in 2017. Eight key issues emerged.”

To read the full list of key issues check out the article here.

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