Mark Nevitt, Defense Council Member with Truman National Security Project and member of Truman’s Energy Expert Group, discusses the President’s recently released national security strategy in Just Security. 

” This week, President Donald Trump released an “America First” National Security Strategy (NSS), a document that is supposed to represent “a dramatic rethinking of American foreign policy from previous decades,” according to Lt. Gen H.R. McMaster, the president’s second national security adviser. Yet, the document omits any reference to climate change as a national security threat. This is in contrast to previous national security strategies. In fact, the term “climate change” is not mentioned at all in the Trump NSS. This is wishful, wishful thinking.

Make no mistake: Simply because a threat is not addressed does not mean that it no longer exists. The ice in the Arctic does not stop melting, humanitarian disasters exacerbated by climate change do not cease, the drought crisis in Yemen is not solved, nor does the rising ocean stop threatening to drown military installations on the water’s edge…”

Read the full article here. Views expressed are his own.