Steve Seroka, Retired United States Air Force Colonel and Operation Free supporter, was featured in the Las Vegas Sun discussing the importance of clean energy jobs for veterans in Nevada.

“In the aftermath of the presidential election, much has been said about the need to bridge divides, build a new American economy and get the country back to work.
As a retired colonel of the United States Air Force, I’ve been thinking about the men and women I served with for 30 years, and those currently in uniform. I find myself asking how I can best serve my country now — and, perhaps improbably, how that desire connects to the clean-energy industry.

It’s no secret that many service members, once they return home, struggle to find jobs that enable them to use their unique technical and leadership skills and that help them continue to serve (and secure) their communities. Despite the debt our country owes them for their many sacrifices, we are failing to provide veterans with meaningful post-service careers in growing fields.

As a Nevadan, I believe we have a special opportunity to develop good-paying, local solar jobs for our state’s heroes…”

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Steven Seroka is a retired colonel with a 30-year career in the United States Air Force, a former chief of staff for the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and supporter of Operation Free. Views expressed are his own.