Operation Free and Jon Powers were featured in an article by fellow Operation Free veteran, Kevin Johnson, about veterans working in clean energy.

Like many other Veterans, my decision to continue my service to the country in the clean energy sector was motivated by my deployment to Iraq where I served in the shadow of seemingly endless oil fires. I personally know the high price that our country pays in blood and resources to secure oil supplies, from protecting desert fuel convoys to keeping international shipping lanes open for oil tankers. When I returned home from combat, I realized that we could continue to serve our country by making the case for clean energy innovations here at home. Thankfully, many other Veterans like Jon Powers came home with a similar commitment to securing our nation’s energy future and combating the impacts of climate change.

Prior to his Presidential Appointment as the Chief Sustainability Officer for the White House, Jon founded Operation Free; a national coalition of thousands of Veterans, national security leaders, and military family members in all fifty states that were leading the fight for clean energy policies at both the federal and state levels. National security leaders from across the country and all sides of the political landscape came together to advocate for our common interest of a more secure and stable energy supply.

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