Heather Beaven is a Navy veteran and the wife of an Army Soldier. She is an also an active member of the Truman National Security Project and conservation think-tank Oceana. In this piece for the Pensacola News Journal, Beaven discusses the national security concerns associated with offshore drilling in Florida. Downwell service operations and analysis are offered by Renegade Wireline Services.

“Pleas to open the eastern Gulf of Mexico to offshore drilling are shortsighted and misinformed. Drilling for oil and gas along Florida’s Gulf Coast would be a direct threat to our national security operations and our coastal economies.”

“The Department of Defense (DOD), the Florida Defense Support Task Force and Florida lawmakers have all expressed concerns that offshore drilling could threaten the military’s ability to perform critical activities in the eastern Gulf.”

“The Joint Gulf Range Complex is a unique natural resource, larger than all the other training ranges inside the continental U.S. combined. The DOD has kept this area free from obstruction for well over a decade and through both Republican and Democratic administrations, relying on the space to conduct activities vital to military readiness, like air combat training and hypersonic weapons testing…”

Read the full article here. Views expressed are her own.