For Immediate Release: 29 April 2017

Contact: Jalina Porter,


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Truman National Security Project President and CEO Michael Breen issued the following statement:

“Hundreds of thousands of Americans came out in force today to acknowledge a simple fact: climate change is a real and present threat to our security and prosperity. Military and national security experts are leading the way on this challenge. They know that the consequences of rising temperatures and more severe weather events make the jobs of our men and women in uniform harder at home and around the world. These facts make reports that the Trump Administration is considering pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement alarming.

Just as the American people have a clear opinion on the fight against climate change, more than 70% support staying in the Paris agreement. American diplomatic leadership produced this agreement, which requires every country–large and small, developing and developed–to do its part and report back on emissions reduction goals. If we pull out, we will damage our credibility on the world stage, make cooperation on other diplomatic and security efforts much more difficult, and signal to other countries like China and India that they can take the leadership role on developing the clean energy technology of the future while America squabbles on the sidelines.”