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Our national security depends on America’s ability to reduce our single-source dependence on oil and cut the harmful emissions that cause climate change.

The solution is to secure America with clean energy. By developing new technologies, fuels, and renewable sources of power, we can protect our troops while they carry out the mission abroad – and provide security to our citizens here at home.

Follow the Military’s Lead

The Pentagon is leading the way with solutions that make our military stronger, more agile, and more lethal, all while protecting the men and women in uniform and keeping us the strongest in the world.

  • The Navy is investing in new ways to power ships and combat aircraft, developing advanced biofuels out of everything from algae to camelina, a seed that grows in 49 states.
  • The Air Force is deploying an enormous fleet of electric vehicles on bases making entire bases independent of the vulnerable electric grid with wind and solar technology.
  • The Army and Marines are using solar panels and recharging “solar blankets” on the battlefield in Afghanistan, giving troops the capability to power critical equipment while reducing the number of dangerous fuel convoys.

Energy Security at Home

At home in America, we can take charge of our own energy future and reduce the impact oil has on our economy. With homegrown energy like solar, wind, and hydropower, we can cut carbon pollution and create thousands of clean energy jobs. And by supporting new fuels and stronger efficiency standards, we diversify our transportation fuel options, freeing ourselves from the global instability that causes price jumps at the pump.

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