Fmr. Colonel Dave Belote

Dave Belote

“After a mortar attack in Baghdad in 2004, I first made the connections between those we were fighting and those who were financing the enemy’s efforts. I realized the mortar rounds that were being used to kill Americans were paid for by our addiction to oil—and I instantly understood that energy independence would increase national security.

Four years later, I took command at Nellis AFB, and saw firsthand how on-site generation of renewable energy directly supported the mission. In my current role with Apex Energy, I help develop large-scale renewable energy projects, specifically for the military.

My lifelong commitment to national security has taught me that keeping our country safe will require more than military readiness; I’m convinced that energy independence and economic growth are equally important to our nation’s long-term prosperity. Renewable energy is at the nexus of the three.

And as an advocate with Operation Free, I work to advance a clean energy economy that reduces our dependence on oil and strengthens our national security.”

“The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the Department of of Defense or the United States government.”

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