Fmr. Intelligence Officer, Special Forces Nat Kreamer


In 2003, I joined the military during business school as an officer candidate because the country was at war and I wanted to serve. Three years later, I fought with the Special Forces in Afghanistan, where I was awarded the Bronze Star Medal. During my deployment, I saw first-hand how our dependence on oil posed a threat to America’s national security.

I believed that to strengthen our national security, we need to invest in clean, renewable energy at home; I got ‘religion’ about renewable energy fighting in Afghanistan.

After my service, I came home determined to change the energy landscape and secure America with clean, renewable solar power. A year later, I financed the first rooftop solar project, kick-starting a multi-billion dollar U.S. residential solar industry.

And I’m not alone in discovering my second calling in solar. According to Operation Free’s new report, Veterans in Solar: Securing America’s Energy Future, there are thousands of veterans – like me – working in the solar industry because  we know first-hand that more clean, affordable, and domestic power makes America and the world safer.

Veterans are disproportionately represented in this sector because they make ideal candidates for a career in solar. The United States military is the best training institution in the country – and it’s an institution that instills a level of discipline and work ethic, which are skills and characteristics highly sought by solar employers. Given their training and backgrounds, veterans are in the best position to make our energy goals a reality, and  I expand on this topic in a recent interview with Operation Free.




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