Ret. Lt. Gen. Norm Seip

Lt.Gen Norm Seip

“As as a senior leader in the USAF, I recognized the importance of energy security and the impact climate change and our dependence on fossil fuel have on our energy and national security.

I believe our national security must be supported by decisions that are made in the best interest of our country and not based on what is in the best interest for the oil industry. As a country, we cannot simply wish away our dependency on fossil fuels or climate change and their impacts on our environment, economy and national security.

The question is not how, in these tough economic times, we can we afford to put money and resources against clean energy initiatives. Instead, the question is how can we afford NOT to make the dollar and resource commitments in combating climate change and fossil fuel dependence when our nation’s security, economic prosperity and the environment demand action on our part.

This is why since retiring from the Air Force four years ago after 35 years of service, I have worked diligently with Operation Free to promote clean, renewable energy initiatives and advocate for policies at all levels of government.

Our economy, environment and energy and national security are all at risk if we fail to take meaningful action. I believe that these are not Republican or Democrat or left or right problems; they are America’s problems to solve and I – along with the thousands of veterans of Operation Free – intend to be part of the solution to this problem.”

“The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the Department of of Defense or the United States government.”

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