Fmr. SrA Rob McCulloch

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“I am an Air Force veteran who served during the first Persian Gulf War. While helping resettle Kurdish evacuees from Northern Iraq, I saw firsthand the human cost of our national security policy and how our entanglements in the Middle East are driven largely by the politics of energy and oil.

We’ve essentially grown too accustomed to resources that seem cheap and easy but in reality exact a high cost on people—and the planet.

The military imbued me with a deep sense of duty, honor, and responsibility toward making things better than we found them, for both a strong nation and global village. This sense demands a more sustainable built environment and energy footprint in order to ensure prosperity and security for all. As a result of this realization, I have defined my studies and career experiences toward these ends.

After all, renewable energy makes long-term, economic sense, especially for veterans in the workforce who have the determination and know-how to build the resilient and efficient energy infrastructure our nation needs.

I’m proud to be a part of Operation Free, a partnership of military and national security professionals who embody and demonstrate similar values, speak from experience, and are working hard to advance smarter energy policy here and now.”

Views expressed are his own.

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