Civilian Stacy Closson

Stacy Closson

Dr. Stacy Closson joined Truman as a Security Fellow with the DC Chapter in 2010. She had just returned from seven years in Europe pursuing a PhD in international relations from the London School of Economics and post-doctoral research on energy and state development in Eurasia. She was a Presidential Management Fellow at the Department of Defense from 1996 to 2002 and wanted to measure DoD policy and programs on lessening oil dependence. She interviewed many of her fellow Truman energy experts for an article published in the journal, Energy Security. Subsequently, Truman reached out to her and Nancy Brune for an assessment of the U.S. military’s energy use in the rebalance to Asia. Their findings were featured in the National Defense Authorization Act. She subsequently spent a year as the co-director of Truman’s energy group.

Closson’s research has remained focused primarily on energy security and diplomacy, including a fellowship at the Woodrow Wilson Center publishing on Russian energy politics; an assistant professorship at the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce in Lexington, where she co-authored a book on energy futures; and a think tank position examining the nexus of energy security and non-violent direct action in Bismarck, North Dakota. Over the past eight years moving around the country with her husband and two kids in pursuit of the ‘dual career dream,’ she has connected with a group of Truman members who live out-of-Chapter in more conservative voting states. She also maintains a nonresident fellowship with Woodrow Wilson Center where she focuses on Russian foreign security policy and travels to the High North to research Russian Arctic security. This summer, she will return to Washington, DC, for her husband’s job and looks forward to new professional opportunities.

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