Fmr. SrA Tim Goodrich


“I was first amazed by the power of renewable energy at the age of eight when my parents installed a passive solar heating system on our house. At the time, it was so novel that we hosted school field trips to my house to learn about this nascent technology.

At the age of 18, I joined the active duty Air Force and deployed three times to the Middle East in order to support the no-fly zones over Iraq, Afghanistan, as well as the pre-war bombing of Iraq. After being honorably discharged, I traveled to Iraq as a civilian where I heard countless stories of the oil wells being protected during the initial invasion while other critical infrastructure was not given the same priority. All of these experiences opened my eyes to the role our fossil fuel addiction plays in the formulation of our foreign policy. Ultimately, it simply doesn’t make sense to me that we send billions in oil profits to countries that don’t share our values and sometimes funnel those same profits into the hands of terrorists.

In order to lead by example, I have been driving an electric car since 2011. Some might say I have sacrificed, but in fact, I have been blessed with instant electric acceleration, monetary savings from not buying gas, and time savings from much reduced maintenance.

Currently, I serve as a Councilmember in the City of Torrance, home to clean energy and energy conservation companies such as Verengo Solar, Partner Energy, Tritium, and LEDTronics.

Renewable energy has come a long way since those field trips to my house in order to learn about a solar heating system from the late 1980s. Today, we have the technology to make a better and more secure America—now we just need the will.”


Views expressed are his own. 

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