Operation Free is a coalition of veterans and national security experts who believe oil dependence and climate change pose threats to our national security. We advocate for securing America with clean energy.

Operation Free advocates at all levels of government for:

  • Policies that support reducing America’s dependence on oil.
    • The military spends enormous resources patrolling international oil supply lines to protect and maintain stability of the market for this backbone of our economy. The volatile global oil market shackles our national and economic security to dangerous regimes that do not share our values.
  • Policies that support the military’s investments in clean energy technology.
    • Energy is vital to the military’s mission—a mission that requires assured access to reliable sources and the ability to deliver sufficient energy to meet operational needs. The military must put our servicemen and women at even greater risk in order to securely transport fuel to power forward-operating bases and tactical missions in the field. To counter this, the military is leading the world in developing new clean energy technologies in order to increase energy security while simultaneously enhancing mission capability.
  • Policies that fight climate disruption.
    • A consensus of national security and military leaders recognize climate change as a threat to our national security. By destabilizing weak states, exacerbating resource scarcity, and worsening natural disasters, climate change makes the world a more dangerous and demanding place for our military.
  • Policies that make us more competitive.
    • Our future security will be built on American innovation. The military is taking aggressive action to develop next-generation clean energy technologies, and homegrown, renewable energy already employs hundreds of thousands of Americans. These technologies must be exported; clean energy will make the 21st century an American century just like oil did the 20th.

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