Oil Dependence Threatens our National Security

America’s dependence on oil hurts our economy and puts our national security at risk. Worse, we have no control over this single source of energy and all the while it’s empowering people who don’t share our values.

Danger of dependence

Too much of the American economy depends on a single source of energy – oil. This one thing is essential for our cars, planes, rail, and for the military to defend us.  Without alternatives, we have no control over it.

Rising prices hurt our economy

It’s basic economics: Demand exceeds supply. Even with the best technology and new drilling, there is no way global supply can keep up with global demand. Billions more people want oil, so the price will keep going up – hitting all of us at the pump.

Putting our men and women in uniform at risk

The US military uses more oil than any other organization in the world. Everything from tanks to fighter jets to Humvees to generators use oil. Delivering that oil on the battlefield is a dangerous job. In Afghanistan, every 1 in 24 fuel convoys ended with a casualty.

Global supply is vulnerable

Oil is bought and sold globally, and those trade routes are vulnerable. Most of the world’s oil travels through two or three major chokepoints, easy targets for terrorists and countries like Iran that sit right next to these narrow sea lanes.

Price shocks pose a threat

When the price of oil spikes, the military must repurpose funds away from training, maintenance, and readiness programs to offset the cost – putting the mission at risk. This means our sailors steam less, our pilots fly less, and our soldiers and Marines train less.

Funding our enemies

Too much of our oil money ends up in the hands of countries that don’t share our values and people who want to do us harm. Oil money has been traced, often through shady front groups, to extremist and terrorist groups.