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Las Vegas, Nev. – Bring Back Solar announced today that Operation Free, a nationwide coalition of veterans and national security experts, has joined the Bring Back Solar Alliance. Operation Free is an advocacy campaign of the Truman Center for National Policy and the Truman National Security Project that argues that climate change and dependence on foreign oil pose a threat to national security and advocates for solutions at home and abroad. Expanding renewable energy will reduce fossil fuel reliance, which stabilizes overseas military operations, increases energy independence, and strengthens national security. Clean energy sources like solar also provide opportunities for men and women in uniform when they return home: one in ten solar workers is a veteran.

“The stakes could not be higher: instability from climate change threatens our military operations abroad and our national security at home, and it is crucial that we protect access to affordable clean energy,” said Justin Ford, Organizing Director of Operation Free. “Solar allows our military and our citizens to be more energy independent, reducing pollution and our reliance on fossil fuels. Reviving Nevada’s once-booming rooftop solar industry will also create more jobs for veterans, so that they can continue their service by securing America with clean, renewable energy. We are proud to join Bring Back Solar, who shares our view that all Nevadans deserve freedom of choice to become more energy independent and grow our economy with clean, affordable energy.”

The Bring Back Solar Alliance, supported by over 115,000 Nevadans, is composed of local businesses, non-profits, and outraged homeowners who believe citizens should have the freedom to generate their own clean energy without being punished by discriminatory fees. The Alliance is fighting to reverse the solar rate hike imposed by the Public Utilities Commission last December.