• Saving Solar in Arizona

    Net energy metering – a policy that allows homeowners and businesses to produce their own solar energy and to sell excess power back in to the grid – has helped to make sunny Arizona a national leader in solar power generation.  It’s a win-win policy that is both working for consumers and helping to secure America’s clean energy future.

    Despite broad support for net metering, in early 2013 the policy came under attack when the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) – the body that regulates public utilities in the state – opened the docket for debate, intending to gut the policy.  At stake was Arizona’s growing solar industry and potentially thousands of good jobs. Read more

  • Operation Free Veterans Honored as Champions of Change by the White House

    The White House announced that seven veterans from the Operation Free community were selected as “Champions of Change” for their work advancing clean energy and climate security. A total of 12 veterans were chosen out of hundreds of applicants. The champions were  honored at a special ceremony at the White House on November 5th followed by an evening reception hosted by Operation Free. Special guests included Navy Secretary Ray Mabus and Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy Plans and Programs, Sharon Burke.

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  • Securing a Critical Vote for Climate Change

    In 2011, the New Hampshire State Legislature voted to pull the state out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), an important agreement between New England states to reduce harmful emissions that contribute to climate change. The Governor vetoed the bill immediately, but RGGI opponents in the House had enough votes to override the veto – which they swiftly did. For the veto override to go through, however, it came down to 16 votes on the Senate side to make New Hampshire the first and only state to leave the agreement.

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  • Defending Military Clean Energy Programs

    The US Military is the largest consumer of fuel in the world. Its single-source dependence on oil leaves it vulnerable. That’s why the military is investing in clean fuel options through the Biofuels Initiative under the Defense Production Act, which cuts reliance on dirty fossil fuels and helps keep our troops safe.

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  • A Briefing Leads to a Bill: The California Energy Security Act

    Operation Free veterans brief hundreds of lawmakers on the local, state, and federal levels each year. Because they defended their country and witnessed firsthand the fuel intensity of war, these veterans are uniquely positioned to make the case for energy security and inspire elected officials to take action.

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  • Vets Fight for Wind Jobs

    Wind is a clean and renewable source of energy, produced here in the U.S.A. It gives communities and military bases – which currently depend on an aging, fragile power grid – more stable options. It provides an alternative to dirty fossil fuels that contribute to climate change.

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