Defending Military Clean Energy Programs

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The US Military is the largest consumer of fuel in the world. Its single-source dependence on oil leaves it vulnerable. That’s why the military is investing in clean fuel options through the Biofuels Initiative under the Defense Production Act, which cuts reliance on dirty fossil fuels and helps keep our troops safe.

The Biofuels Initiative was passed with bipartisan support during the Bush Administration. But in 2012 – and again in 2013 – this program came under attack in Congress. Senator Inhofe (R-OK) and others introduced measures that would forbid the military from buying or developing advanced biofuels.

Our military leaders – not politicians – should dictate national security strategy. The Department of Defense (DOD) needs full flexibility to make choices, including clean energy choices.

They know best what dangers pose a threat – and which solutions keep America safe and strong.

That’s why Operation Free got involved. In 2012, a group of retired high-ranking military officers flew to Washington, DC to defend the Biofuels Initiative. These Operation Free surrogates met with key White House officials and members of Congress, briefing them on the national security importance of the DOD’s development of alternatives to petroleum-based fuels. OpFree spokesperson and former Army Captain Michael Breen also testified before the House Energy & Commerce Committee. Other veterans signed letters, participated in press conferences, and penned opinion pieces in support of advanced biofuels.

Operation Free was successful in protecting the Biofuels Initiative in 2012. When it came under fire again in 2013, Operation Free rallied again, responding with a petition in support of the military’s clean energy programs, signed by more than 17,000 people.

Moving forward, the military and clean energy advocates anticipate a continued assault on the energy investments that are keeping America – and our men and women in uniform – safe. When it comes, Operation Free will be ready.

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